Rainbow Group Hawaii
Making intimate connections in paradise
Honolulu, Hawaii
Telephone: (808) 922-5252
Email: RainbowGroup808Hawaii@yahoo.com (Oahu)

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Rainbow Group Hawaii is the largest, most active, and longest-running swingers group in Hawaii. The majority of our members are located in Honolulu, Hawaii but we also have members on the outer Hawaiian Islands and a sister group on Maui. Our mission is to provide a safe, controlled environment in which members and guests can realize fantasies and satisfy desires. We are open and accepting, not exclusive, and do not discriminate in regard to age, race, appearance, and sexual preference. We also accommodate the disabled. We host regular BYOB hotel parties for women and couples in Waikiki.

NEWS FLASH: One of our member couples on Maui is offering a Swinger/Nudist-friendly vacation rental in Kihei. Please contact us for more information.

Our parties feature a
WOMEN ONLY session, if warranted, which runs concurrently with our MIXED session for women and couples. No men are allowed in our WOMEN ONLY bedroom. Importantly, we strive to maintain 50:50 gender balance at all of our events. We sometimes admit one or two select single men but only when we have an equivalent number of confirmed single women. When we admit single men this not constitute a date or promise of any kind and all our men are expected to behave as gentlemen. Our parties are suitable for first-timers and voyeurs as well as experienced swingers. Everyone takes things at their own speed and w
hile we have no must-get-naked rule we do encourage 100% participation. The safety of women is our paramount concern and we enforce strict rules to ensure this.

You are invited to join us at our
5th Annual Topless Bunny Party on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 in Waikiki. This 12-couple event is suitable for voyeurs and first-timers as well as experienced swingers. For the occasion, we have reserved a large hotel suite furnished with four beds. There will be plenty of room to spread out and form subgroups with compatible members and guests. As always, the women make the rules, not the men.

If you would like an invitation and/or information about this and other upcoming events please refer to our Calendar of Events and contact us via telephone and/or the email address listed below. We look forward to helping you realize your fantasies and satisfy your desires in a safe, controlled environment...

With erotic aloha,

Rainbow Group Hawaii
Making intimate connections in paradise
Honolulu, Hawaii
Telephone: (808) 922-5252
Email: RainbowG
URL: RainbowGroupHawaii.org

P.S. Military service members are well-represented in our group and national defense is a vital component of our local economy. In honor of all military service members both past and present, Rainbow Group makes a monthly recurring donation to the Wounder Warrior Project. We encourage all our members and guests to do the same via WoundedWarriorProject.org. We also make monthly donations to the Global Fund for Women and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. We encourage you to do the same via GlobalFundforWomen.org and MichaelJFox.org, respectively.


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